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2024 Death Valley Ride to Cure ALS

DalecandELA MarshALS

Thanks for visiting our team page!  Please consider joining our team and/or donating to our urgent efforts to end ALS 

We are The dalecandELA MarshALS, from Spain, and we’re joining forces with everyone who's committed to END ALS.

Our leader, Jaime Lafita, living with ALS since 2016, will ride a tandem bicycle across The Death Valley together with his son, Alvaro, and a group of family and friends. His wife, Lourdes, is also part of the team.

Jaime will pedal representing every person living with ALS, remembering those who are not with us anymore and hoping there are not anymore in the future.

We know ALS’ hours are numbered, we also know that this number depends on how much effort and funds are destined to research, this is the reason we ask you to join our fight by joining our team or donating.

Let’s turn this Valley of Death into The Valley of Hope, and when ALS is defeated we will proudly say that we were part of it.

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Your Impact

Everything the ALS Network does ensures access to essential care services, free of charge, and accelerates the search for effective prevention strategies, treatments and cures for ALS. Fundraising and awareness are essential to fueling this progress. Thank you for being a part of it. 

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