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2024 East Bay Walk & Roll to Cure ALS

Team Wittenberg

Team Wittenberg is on the move again. The annual ALS Network East Bay Walk & Roll to Cure ALS will be on November 2 at Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline in Richmond. We are so excited to have Team Wittenberg join all the other teams,volunteers and the ALS Network (formerly ALS Golden West) for an exciting walk along the bay. Please join us as a solo participant, volunteer, sponsor, donor or fundraiser.

Though there is still no know cure for ALS, we have not remained idle.  Research remains robust due to the focused commitment of the  the ALS Network.  Funding has been provided for hundreds of  active projects in 12 countries around the world, representing a current commitment of over $52 million. I had the privilege to attend the 14th annual California ALS Research Summit, hosted by the ALS Network,  bringing together world renowned researchers, investigators, clinicians, biotech companies, government representatives and advocates in ALS and related fields. The enthusiasm of the researchers and the in roads that are making was exciting to observe

Equally important are the Care Services and Advocacy programs. More than 2000 people with ALS and their loved ones were served by the ALS Network in 31 counties throughout California and Hawaii. They also provided numerous grants to people with ALS for durable medical/communication equipment needs, transportation support,emergency assistance and respite care. Through the Advocacy program, The ALS Network works tirelessly and assertively with states and national legislatures/agencies to ensure that funding, as well as policy decisions are directed toward ridding the world of this horrific disease. Your support makes a difference. Let's cure ALS together!

Please consider a donation to the ALS Network by using the link below. Or sign up as a member of Team Wittenberg and start your own fundraising efforts. I promise you a day to remember (Plus a Manhattan Soiree at our home when we reach our goal!)

As always thank you for your support and for keeping Harry and our family in your hearts.  

Gratefully yours,

Mary Ann

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We are taking action as a part of the ALS Network's Walk & Roll to Cure ALS because we are committed to raising money and awareness to support people living with ALS today and those diagnosed in the future. Together we are making a difference in the lives of those impacted by this devastating disease. 

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