Do It Yourself Fundraising

Team Ray Vargas

We are so excited to be hosting this FUNdraiser! The money raised will go towards a vision that we can all get behind - developing effective prevention strategies, treatments, and cures for ALS.

Funds raised will go towards:

  • Supporting patient services, multidisciplinary clinics, support groups, equipment lending, and transportation 
  • Cutting-edge research projects in California and wherever the best science is 
  • Supporting advocacy efforts to expand government support of research and public policy to make treatments and care accessible and affordable for all ALS patients. 

We need to do everything we can in support of ALS care, cures, and community. Together, let's make a difference!

Join me right now by selecting ‘Sign Up’ or choose a participant to support and ‘Donate Now’ to help get us to our important goal!

The past few years have brought incredible advancements in ALS research, expanded access to care for people living with ALS, and enabled legislation that impacts the quality of life of people with ALS and their families. We can't stop now! It is only together that we will defeat ALS! 

(p.s. We need more difference makers like you in this world to make it a better place. Please pass the page along to anyone else who is as awesome as you are!)

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