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2024 Napa Valley Ride, Walk & Roll to Cure ALS

20th Anniversary!
20th Anniversary!

Team (s)Miles

Hello all:

On Saturday, September 14th ww will participated in the 20th annual Napa Valley Ride to Cure ALS. We will be raising funds for the ALS Network, which provides care services; funds global, cutting-edge research; and supports important public policy initiatives.

Miles has had ALS for 10+ years. Miles' motor function has slowed a bit more and his verbal skills have continued to decline. He can still make himself understood given his devices and his determination that he will continue to communicate. Getting in and out of our RV has become problematic now so we have one last camping trip planned before we retire our rig.  While this is another loss for Miles, he will turn it around by focusing on finishing the cottage project in Calistoga he began last year.  He remains a happy person, grateful for the beautiful life he has had.  Much of that feeling of gratitude is due to being buoyed by his amazing support system.

As always, we would love to have you part of team (S)Miles this year. This team is such a boost for all of the McConnell/Breens. If you cannot be with us on ride day you can still be a part of the team and help to fund raise or you can donate below. Raising awareness of the urgency to find treatments and a cure is our goal. We know that you all have different goals and different charities you want to support. We understand if your goals this year go beyond Team (s)Miles. Know that there is never any pressure to donate or ride.

Update:  We are happy to report that our 2023 Team (s)Miles raised over $125,000 for the ride/walk and we hope to continue with that goal into the future. All your support means so much to Miles, Spence, Jay and me and you are all so appreciated.

We send you love and (s)Miles,
Dubie, Miles, Spencer and Jay






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