Use Good Move to log your activity, share, and fundraise!

Good move

You can do it all from one easy place! Download it from the App Store or Google Play. It directly connects to your Participant Center. Request a new passcode, and you're ready to walk and roll to cure ALS!

What's the Challenge?

Warm up for the Napa Valley Ride, Walk and Roll to Cure ALS while you raise funds and spread awareness in a fun way with our new activity-tracking app, powered by Good Move!

We invite you to help us reach our collective community goal of $1,200,000.00 raised with this new interactive, gamified mobile experience.

Our Good Move Challenge starts NOW, and continues through 09/14/2024.

Earn points, recognition, “bragging rights,” and more on event day for individual and team accomplishments as we celebrate success together! Challenge other teams or create a challenge within your own team!


Good Move ties to your Walk & Roll Participant Center and enables you to:

  • Connect with fitness tracking wearables, like Fitbit and Apple Watch. 
  • Connect with apps like MapMyRide, Apple Health, and Strava. 
  • Track your individual and team activity on a Leaderboard. 
  • Share your fundraising page from your phone via text, email, and social media.
  • Track your individual and team fundraising activity.
  • ...and more!

Ready to make a Good Move to Cure ALS? Contact us if you have questions or need assistance and coaching.

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